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Will you hold my hand ?

Mis à jour : 23 juin 2020

When my soul cries, will you hold my hand ?

When it is suffocating around here and I am breathless, will you hold me in your arms ?

When it is harsh to see suffering and tears all around, will you hold my head ?

When I do not understand injustice and my heart is bleeding, will you hold me close ?

Will you hold my weakened body after years pass by ?

Will you hold my fragile heart through life's storms ?

Will you hold my breath when toxic air poison my lungs ?

Will you hold me day and night near your heart until the very end ?

Will you hold my hand in eternity, Jesus ?

I believe you hold us tight because there is no one who could ever loved us like you do.

Through pitfalls and dangers, doubt and despair, at the darkest of the nights, I will trust you hold my hand, Father.

Only you give peace to my soul, only you refresh me to my bones.

I believe God does it, I know it. And you, do you believe God holds your hand at every step ?

Would you trust in his holy name and put your heart in his holy hands ? You may find comfort throughout your entire life.

Credit Photo : Bruno Nascimiento

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