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Sometimes you have so little in life.

And somehow you have more than you need: the life, the air, the touch, the mouvement, the capacity to express a feeling with a blink of the eye.

We have so many. We pay so little attention. We are distracted. And also ambitious. It is in our nature the willing to move forward:

The world turns,

the clouds pass,

the wind blows,

water sinks.

And we humans desire always more.

Because our minds look for knowledge, growth, improvement, performance. The exchange, the discovery, the wonder.

It is a powerful thing, curiosity. The wanting to understand, to evolve. Oh yes, we have a lot of questions. What if ? Why ? But why this way ? Could it not possibly, maybe be the other way ? And if... no, no, I do not understand, why then ?

Yes, we do that a lot with others and with ourselves. And when it comes to big subjects which are not under our control we look up and ask "ey you up there why do you allow all this bad ? Why don't you do something ?" How we dare !

Well, I am selfish now, and I speak for me : My Lord, why would you make me go through this ? Why don't you just bless me the way I know you can do ? Why you allow me to suffer ? Why couldn't you just simply change it all ? One single order from your mouth will suffice. Everything would change at the sound of your voice. Blessed me my Savior ! Until when ? When will you show up ?

Change my heart Father.

Confrontation, discussion, resistance, opposition.

Change my tongue, my voice, my prose.

Hello ? I do not think I am speaking only for myself. I believe, Or maybe. It doesn't matter. I believe everyone is always expecting thing to change in our lives and in those of the people we love. And all those thing we already have, as soon as we receive them they are acquired, so our thirst is inexhaustible. Life is a quest !

However, appreciating this life just as it is now it is a mindset of freedom. I understood this and then forget it again; it changes every day because, paf, you simply come across a beautiful person or a nice diamond and you lose it again. The eyes are capricious, the flesh pulls, and the heart too, sometimes.

The heart desires. When will it stop ?

Trust. I deeply believe that the key is the trust. For me, in God. Because I know He is in control of all things. Won't he be in charge of everything ? Hasn't he already done this ? Do you remember: the earth's breath, your lungs, your bones ? Your heart beating in your chest.

A complete trust, perfect, absolute. Far beyond any struggle, any desire, any visible reality, experiences, emotions, situations, pain or joy. One single trust:

Jesus lives.

After dead, life;

from dead to resurrection,

no longer dead in a tomb but alive in heaven ;

alive in me, alive in you.

A living God.

Trust that beyond our little worries and big pain, happiness and distress we have eternal life ! We are alive ! We will live ! Eternally !

Not just a moment,

Nt a single instant,

but eternally

we will have a demeure

in the heavens.

I believe it, I know it. And you, do you have that hope ?

Well forget your "why" and your "when" and your "what if". Stop negotiating about these things. Listen to the voice of wisdom of the one who knows it all. Humility. Before an all powerful Creator. Humility before a written destiny. Choose life. Look beyond your problems.Believe only with a complete trust that everything will be ok, that everything is for your own good, He knows better! Drop off at the feet of another. Taste the relief of unloading from your questions and anxieties, from your fears and doubts. Such a big peace, joy, hope in the name of Jesus from nazareth. Put in him all your trust, he will not deceive you.

Beyond my eyes’ vision

and my own understanding

I trust,

my King;

that I can


in You.

Credit Photo : Dave Lowe

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