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Shine, your heart

Expire, freedom.

Inspire, you will be free.

Breath, our God laughs at evildoers. Do not suffer. He laughs, so relax.

In the middle of distress, of problems' whirlwind and doubts and fears, stop. Listen to God laughing at evildoers. All those things are so little for the King of glory.

Rest your head cause you can trust him.

Do not fear, do not despair

in despair, keep the hope

are you capable of changing the wind's direction ?

or can you stretch your bones ?

do you control the sense of gravity, from up to down ?

can you see beyond the underground ou between the strings of your heart ?

do you understand what your soul is made of ?

have you any idea of the greatness, highness, extension, depth, measure of perfect love ? have you seen it, contemplate it, touch it ?

Who could fly with his own wings ? This is not possible to humans. It is God's plan.

When life shakes only an all powerful God is capable of the impossible.

We can do anything, with limits. God can do anything, without limits.

Believe it, believe it again, that when you are weak, you fail, you cry, you are exhausted, you, you, you; you no longer exist. You disappear. Because where we can not do anything else we dissipate as the fog early in the morning.

Let go that which was never yours. Let go without fear. Pose. Free your soul so God can do with you what only he can do : shine.

I pray God's light shines in you, in me, in this world.

We will see his light spread over everything.


forever more.

I tried very hard to shine with my own strength because I wanted to please. Oh, yes ! I wanted so hard to be liked. Thirsty, I wanted others to see me. I wanted others to like that false light in me, built with humans hands. It lighted up and turned off immediately after. Exhausted, I started all over again. Hungry, I wanted others to notice I existed, I was there, present. But the thing I wanted the most was to hear over and over again "you are worthy".

When will you hear ? You are dear to God. It is true. Aren't you alive because it is his will ? You are the result of someone else's decision. He decides upon your existence and let you free : you are chosen, wanted, loved. He covers you by his hand. You shine in his heart.

Maybe we are here so we can let shine in us that light the Creator put inside us.

Let simply what is true in you sink from your breast, pour out from your mouth. If the truth leaves within you (eat it), look for it inside, find it somewhere in the depth of your soul and speak out what you have in your heart.

Do not be afraid. Shine, your heart.

Credit Photo: Jackson David

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