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Pretty, but

I have often crossed a pair of eyes

that look into my eyes

and I can read in them

"pretty, but"

I could read in those eyes a certain


of the natural curves of my shoulders

the dancing lines of my bones

the reflect of the sun on my skin

I have been deceived by the lips that wanted mine for their pride

without any further interest than undressing my soul

without any interest in contemplating my soul

I am horrified by the arms eager to hold me

without desiring me

only desiring the instant with me

I am terrified of the cold look

that measures by eye what the imagination touches

that does not see what can not be measured by gold or silver

but with hours and patience

The "pretty, but" has already hit me when hands without truth caressed

my thirsty hand;

found resected sooner after.

My whole being suffers from the "pretty, but" which approuves the flesh and condemns the spirit

Such a cruelty it is to felt loved-without-love in one's packaging

not being able to delight in the depths of the desire

of the other's heart

of the depth

of the truth

Oh, what a pity ! She can be pretty in the sight of man, but she can lack of something for the judges' approval

It is the appearance's judgement

What a pity, certainly ! When, miserable, we hear the lies of a bleak future, when we believe that the "pretty, and" of some people will change our reality

What sorrow, my Lord and my God, to not know that in You there is no "pretty" nor "but", there is only kindness and truth, because the time and the body are dust before your eyes and the value hides within the heart

of those in love

with your name

 Credit Photo : Peter Fogden

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