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Love with all your heart

Mis à jour : 7 juil. 2020

Love, when you are in love, love

Love, when you are happy, love

Love, when you are blessed, love

Love, when you are alone, love

Love, when you have a problem, love

Love, when you don't see the solution, love

Love, when you breath, love

Love, when you dance, love

Love, when you sing, love

Love, when you are confused, love

Love, when you don't see or think clearly, love

Love, when you lack of courage, love

Love, when you don't have any strength left, love

Love, when your heart beats hard, love

Love, when you laugh, ama

Love, while you are alive, love

Love, when your heart is broken, love

Love, when you are sad, love

Love, when it is hard and painful, love

Love when everything goes well

Love when everything goes wrong

Love when it is a yes

Love when it is a no

Love when yo have everything

Love when you have anything left

Love profoundly, ardently, sincerely.

Love God and all your emotions, the good ones and the less good, the bad and the revigorating will be anchored in him.

Love, love, love with all your heart

with all your strength

with all your soul and being.

Because love is giving oneself, beyond expectations, circumstances, joys or pains. Love is giving oneself beyond everything, in spite of everything, giving our everything.

I have run after love my whole life.

I know that we do not know how to love, even when we believe knowing something about it, we touch it with the top of our fingers and... blup. Disappeared. Mirage. Deception. Error.

I have always had illusion.

There are sweet moment in which we can express that marvellous feeling. That depth in us, we give a small piece of ourselves. Those are precious moments to our souls.

Do I have the right to speak about love, the mouth fill with love words ?

I like you, do not know how to love the other, how to take care of him as he needs, be good at all my thoughts and actions. Even with myself. We do not always know what is best. Only God is good. We wish good to others and ourselves, it is simply to hard sometimes to see. See with different eyes than ours, and thus have the proper gesture, the rigtheous word. Accept a change of direction. Accept a goodbye.

What to do then ? Pray Jesus. That he take good care of the other. That he keeps our hearts. And then keep on loving, minute after minute. Fall after fall. Night after day, moment of glory after moment of crisis.

Keep on loving. Keep on loving a we can, as we are. God will keep on teaching us how to love like him : giving ourselves.

I believe it, I know it. And you, do you have that hope ?

So, love.

Crédit Photo: Jackson David

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