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Hold my hand

Mis à jour : 23 juin 2020

If you hold my hand you will not fear.

If you hold my words you will not fall.

If you hold my commandments you won't fail.

If only you hold me close, you will be fully satisfied; day and night I will provide all your needs, give you all the desires of your heart.

If you promise to hold my name tight and keep that promise I will walk with you, watch over your steps, cover you under the shadow of my wings.

Hold my heart near yours and I will fill your life with delights, reward you with precious treasures of the heavens, preserve a place of honour for your family at my table.

Hold my Word and you will be satiated with fresh water, invigorating food, delicious honey of gold; countless blessings will fall upon your house.

Hold my hand, child, and I will be the fortress no one can demolish and the guardian nothing can destroy before your enemies. You will suffer no harm and be secure in My holy temple forever.

Wouldn't you run to me, little child, so I can hold you in the eternal life ?

Wouldn't you come to me, little one, so your God can heal your wounds ?

Wouldn't you want, little creature, to know that I AM, and your Creator awaits to restore your heart?

Hold my promise in your spirit, cause "the Lord knows the days of the upright and their inheritance shall be for ever".

Credit Photo: Liane Metzler

I was inspired to write this poem in the first person, as if the Father was speaking directly to my heart. I imagine He would say so much greater wonderful things I can not even understand. I hope the simple way in which I wrote this message down gives Him all the glory.

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