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I believe anything is possible. Isn't it so beautiful that it seems childish ? Yes, it is however it is a choice too. There are circumstances I wouldn't choose to live. But if I have to go through them I have always the possibility to choose how to do it. I make then my choice of believing that everything can change.

Idealist ! Immature ! Dreamer ! Yes, maybe, whatever. So what ?

There is a fire here inside. There is a burning faith within me that speaks about a better place. About a haven of peace. About a profound sense. About a pur and unwavering truth. About a happy ending.

I have always loved and believed in those happy endings. Because even the hardest moments and the hurting experiences shall come to pass. But hope, the hope of the end of crying, the hope of good's victory shall never pass. I believe it, I know it. And you, do you have that hope ?

Believe then ! Believe that anything is possible. That everything can change and be strongly attached to one firm and solid hope:

Credit Photo: André Hunter 

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