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Because God said he will do

I won't stop, no, on the way

because God said there is a promised destiny

I won't stop when my feat hurt, because I have to go on

I won't stop when I do not have any strength left, my eyes are cloudy, my heart is heavy.

I won't stop because God has said he will carry my burdens

I won't stop when all I want to do is run away form my own flesh and abandon my bones feeling such a terror in front of the giant of fear, of threat, of derision. I can not stop because I have to follow the only voice of wisdom

I won't stop to contemplate the smiling teeth of the gigantic beast who amuses kicking my crystal construction, my chateau of colourful dreams. Simply because I won't stare at that smile machiavellian and putrid because God speaks to me about true colours, big chateau, sweet dreams and beautiful constructions

I won't stop to cry over my failures, to pity the lost years, to grieve the nights and days of destruction when I vomited on my hand, tore my skin apart cruelly, hated my innocence, abandoned myself to indifferent hands, condemned my hopes. I won't drown in the salt water of such sea of tears which God has promised to dry forever

I won't stop either to count the hours and minutes of questions without answers, of whys and solitude in front of uncertainty. Only because God has said he will do

And I believe in his promises, I believe in his love, I believe that he will do, I know it. And you, do you have that hope ?

So, do not stop. No matter what you are going though, do not stop because God is in control of every storm. He will not abandon you and he will do as he promised.


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