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Beautiful creatures

I look at you and find you beautiful. I find your soul beautiful.

Beautifully done. Created perfectly. Conceived, chosen, loved.

I believe your beauty goes beyond your look, it does not hide behind your smile. It can not be hidden.

Your beauty is not attractive; it attracts because it stands like an interrogation before my sight.

Your beauty is true, from the head to the feet it is calculated.

Your beauty is imprint in your fingerprint, in the sound of your voice.

You are beautiful when you go and come back.

When you think, you are beautiful to my eyes.

When you keep silence, you are still beautiful to me.

You are beautiful when I close my eyes.

You are beautiful in my thoughts and in my heart.

You are a precious stone, which is preciously guarded.

I will sing about your beauty, my heart will celebrate it incessantly.

And you, do you see that light shining in other, in yourself ? Do you look at God's beauty ? If we meditate his beauty, we will see it everywhere pouring out from its creation. We are beautiful creatures.

Credit Photo : Austin Pacheco

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